Enjoy discounted rates on Tours in Rome when you book our Special Offer !!! read more >
Enjoy discounted rates on Tours in Rome when you book our Special Offer !!! read more >
The Main Squares and the more attractive fountains read more >
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The Main Squares and the more attractive fountains read more >
The Main Squares and the more attractive fountains read more >
View of Rome from the top of Gianicolo Hill. ... read more >
Climb to the top of Capitoline Hill .... read more >
the Appia Way
rome UnderGround!
the Pantheon


7 Hours

Our best seller tours in Rome, a success of sales and feedback from travelers, with raving reviews.

Our service will take you on the discovery of the true treasures of Rome. From the Imperial Rome of Julius Caesar to the City of Popes. Immerse yourself in the past touching upon the various periods of a city that has left its mark in history. You will be given more than just the typical tour guide itinerary for you will be in the company of a Native Roman.

The beginning of our service starts in the lobby of your hotel where we will meet.You will then start your tour naturally by stopping to have an espresso, as any typical Italian would. This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and give us the strength and energy to start our day in the best way possible.

The Classic Itinerary comes upon a part of the antique Papal city including attractions such as:
  • The Roman Forum of Caesar
  • The Forum of Trajan and Augustus
  • The Piazza Del Campidoglio with its splendid view of the Imperial City
  • The Coliseum (with no wait in line, just as the Romans like it!)
  • Circus Maximus
  • The Appian Way
  • The Antique Walls of Cinta
  • The Pantheon
  • Navona Square
  • The Spanish Steps
  • The Trevi Fountain


I will reveal secrets to you about this amazing city that will help you understand why we call it "The Eternal City".

Even the lunch will be of the utmost originality for we shall eat in Roman restaurants called "trattorie". Lunch will be accompanied with good winefrom none other than the famous Castelli Romani.
Bruschette and home-made pasta made by Mamma Rosa’s own hands!!!

At the end of the day, we will accompany you back to the hotel, hoping to see you again so we can again find the "true heart of Rome" which can only be found by the ones who truly desire it.

Duration 7 Hours 


Another Option for your Lunch is our amazing New Propose! We will take you to Dine in At our Home! 


​Destination? Well, HOME, of course!  Yes, at our house! Not in a restaurant nor a tavern, but in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Rome, in the wonderful district of the Jewish ghetto!   Allow yourself to take part ina typical Roman lunch, experiencing  a unique dining experience designed just  for you! 



Here , you will meet Mamma Allegra and  have the possibility of seeing mother Allegra cooking  local Roman plates like “La Carbonara” or “La Matriciana” and see what the real  ingredients are to some of the most basic yet tastiest dishes on any Roman menu.
But of course you will not just see them … that would be a waste… here is your opportunity  to really taste Roma, in pasta-form. 

We shall begin with an appetizer containing: 
salame, cheese ,bruschette and prosecco (an italian champagne), that will be served to you  in the area where you can blissfully enjoy the view of the Tiber River, the river  is where all of Rome’s history is said to begin and the Jewish Ghetto, one of Rome’s least known attractions but packed with amazing history. 
After the appetizer, we will move to the area where our lunch will finally begin. You can choose among 2 different main courses  which will be served with water and local wine a dessert made by the loving hands of Mamma  Allegra while not forgetting  a taste of our famous liqueur, il “limoncello”!

The price of the menu is 33,00 euros per person for adults
for children between the ages of 5 and 13 - 18,00 euros

This includes:
  1. Italian appetizer containing cheeses, salame and bruschette with oil, tomatoes, accompanied by prosecco
  2. One of the selected 2 types of pasta (a plate of pasta per person) Carbonara And Amatriciana 
  3. local dessert  
  4. coffee or cappuccino
  5. limoncello

Please Note 
Lunch includes only 1 Bottle wine Hose  red or white wine, in case you’d like to have a second bottle, you can consult our “Recommended Wine Card”. 
Please note that the second bottle is not included in the price of €33 for the adult menu and it will have to be paid as an extra.
Romans are not used to bringing home food that was not consumed at the table therefore this is not an option and therefore will not be possible.  

Please note
This secluded Apartment  has no elevator and it is situated on the third floor with no-air conditioning. The rustic feel of the building is due to it being  part of the historical Roman District. The old projects cannot be replaced nor renovated with elevators nor air-conditioning and therefore must remain in the most basic of conditions but that on the whole is indeed part of its charm.

However do not let this become a worry since the stairs are wide and not steep while  the apartment , in itself  is very cool and airy during the summer months, especially in the dining room. So the heat will be the last thing you will be thinking about. You will have  the possibility to see the stairs in the photograph that will be sent in your confirmation.

Lunch will last between 60 and 90 minutes in order to we can carry on with the tour you have chosen. 

At this point we will be waiting for you!

Our greatest desire would be that the meal will be completely finished and that  you will eat everything, otherwise mother Allegra may be offended! Go figure, an Italian mum!


The Italian State in Date March 2016 has decided to reinforce the security at the Colossium. Each client with or without  reservation must pass through the metal detector (like at the airport)! Nobody including tour operators as we are, tour companies, bus tours, shore excursions arranged by Cruises  and single client are allowed to skip that step. We can only skip the line after we have passed  this control and once we are inside as promised we will skip the line because we've already have your tickets. Your driver will assist you to get in, you will not be alone during this and only when you are inside the driver will return to his car waiting for you while you are enjoying the visit! Thank you for understanding DGS Staff 


OUR COMPANY HAS NOT CHARGED ANYTHING ON YOUR CREDIT CARD, but has used it exclusively to book the services you have requested.
Remember that services with the Driver Guide Service need to be payed in CASH at the end of each service.
If you do want to pay with your credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) you will be charged an extra 20% on the cost of the tour. (Please note that we do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS cards).

  •  Transportation in a comfortable Mercedes Limovan equipped with double air-conditioning.
  •  This would be ideal for a couple but also adaptable for families with children.
  • Tickets into the Coliseum Instant Access 14,00 euros per person
  • Tickets into the Catacombs 8.00 euros per person
  • Lunch and any eventual extras

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